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       Wuhan Hong Hyun Automation Equipment Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer of industrial automation equipment, committed to a high level, high technology content of the equipment development. Especially in the automobile parts industry, has large foreign auto parts manufacturers companies such as supporting design, manufacture non-standard assembly and testing equipment. Safety airbag folding bag machine, belt assembly, wiper assembly, air filter assembly, wiper detection, air filter. Oil pump, radiator sealing test, automobile air conditioner, worm gear turbocharger, glass lifter. Has developed a gap detection, angle control, sealing test, torque control, electrical testing, assembly and other high-tech requirements of the plane. Design and manufacture of our main products can not only adaptively according to the actual needs of customers. Can separate processing all kinds of machinery parts, fixture, mold, including assembly line, assembly line, painting and other electronic equipment. The company has always been the pursuit of advanced management mode, advanced technology and constantly attract international, the domestic equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, combined with the actual situation of domestic enterprises, and actively develop new technology, is committed to domestic equipment manufacturing industry leading level, device relates to a wide range of industries. And has been in the performance to price the most sincere attitude, high ratio of service to customers, and further implement the preferred supply and service business strategy, adhere to market-oriented, customer value as the center, is committed to enhance employee and customer satisfaction and loyalty, for the customer to create and enhance the value, professional manufacturing, "sincere service, integrity management" is our company has consistently adhered to the business principle. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. The company at reasonable prices, quality service to win the trust of customers, and provide high quality products and service unremittingly, in order to achieve our common goal. Our equipment manufacturing cycle short, moderate price, and provides transportation, installation, commissioning, maintenance of all in one service system. The company spirit of "customer first, honesty first" principle, to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with many companies.