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 Our R & D department in pursuit of innovation and excellence in quality requirements, design, development, testing is mainly engaged in auto parts product assembly line. Many well-known auto parts products are assembly test equipment designed by us to complete, such as: the airbag system, auto wiper, seat, intake manifold detection and assembly, a transmission rod, pump system......

We have a team of excellent professional R & D team, composed of senior engineer for many years research and development background and market experience, mechanical, electrical, software currently has more than 30 engineers. We will consider the customer's point of view, from the point of view of practical, high performance, high grade, low cost etc, to give you develop assembly testing equipment of high quality and novel, allows you to rest assured satisfaction; we will also continue to provide in mechanical, electrical, electronics, technology, human engineering and software knowledge, in order to obtain a set of technical, economical solution to fit the target customers and target their customers. In order to improve customer product and service value, we design R & D projects and customer cooperation way, including:

Analysis of innovation demand

Analysis of production efficiency

Product model design

Design and development of production system

Optimization of production systems